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Gracious is the Lord and just ; yes, our Lord is Merciful!                                   -Psalm 116:5

These words from Sacred Scripture were the focus of the ACTS Retreat which I attended a few days ago. 

After years of 'passing up' the opportunity to sign up for an ACTS retreat, this year 2018 was somehow different.  Or, maybe I was.  Maybe I was at a different place in my own spirituality.   

 Go!  I had heard the Holy Spirit breaking into my thoughts.


About Me

St. Anthony of Padua, St. Joseph, and St. Francis of Assisi


Photo above:  St. Joseph's Catholic Church Downtown in San Antonio, Texas

All Saints Day

November 1, 2018

 The saints reflect the light of Christ that illuminates the space of our lives in goodness and faith.

My writing roots

Mary Olivia  Patiño, MTS


Poetry, prose, and photography:  these passions originated, when as a child growing up in the Texas Valley, imagination took flight before life on a dairy farm. There, wandering in the woods filled with encinos (Spanish oaks) and mesquite trees, a sense of mystery surrounded me. 

Today, many years later, those passions still inspire my creativity and desire to share faith and praise God. 

A Cup of Faith!

 My artisanry extends to designing cards and                                        

coffee cups

featuring nspirational/Biblical quotations.

I invite you to sip your favorite tea or coffee while you reflect on your own experiences and write!  Whether alone, or in a group...     


Writing help us 'explore'  our spiritual wellspring.  Joy and sometimes, if needed, inner healing surface. 

Enter into the experience:  write to remember, to create, or to leave a legacy.  


Guadalupe Radio



Our Family Reads-a Partnership between the Mayor, City Council & Public Library

A Human Library!

I Am San Antonio!

Theme:  "Multiculturalism and Diversity"

@ John Igo Library

October 20, 2018

San Antonio, Texas 


Author Geraldine Guadagno has several books.  Here is one, below:

5 Steps to Facing Suffering by Geraldine Guadagno


The Moss Rose Antique Shop by Glee Miller


For peaceful places of prayer:

Oblate Grotto 

A Spirituality of Daily Praise


All Saints and All Souls

November is the month when we celebrate the communion of the saints.  We also remember and pray for those who have died.

Some Hispanic people celebrate el

Día de los Muertos/Day of the Dead.  They set up altarcitos/ home altars with  images of the saints, mementos and photos of their deceased loved ones,  flowers, and food and drink.  For, it is believed that on All Souls Day, el  Día de los Muertos , their loved ones come back for awhile to visit, share stories, memories and eat.

People also go to the cemeteries, clean  their loved ones's gravesites, and take plants or flowers.  They sit down to enjoy a meal while visiting the gravesite.

The movie Coco is a colorful and fascinating rendition of   

Día de los Muertos through the story of little boy who wants to be a musician, like one of his ancestors.


Sacred Scripture for Reflection

The souls of the just are in the hand of God, and no torment shall touch them.

-Wisdom 3:1

More of my writing can be found in Moments of Grace:  A Collection of Poetry Inspired by Faith.  Find me on 

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