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My background

Mary Olivia Patiño:  San Antonio Author, writer, poet.  

Born in the Texas Valley, I draw inspiration from nature, travel, and photography.  

My experience in lay ministry and spiritual retreats was built upon a strong foundation in theological studies.  Eventually, a new path as a writer opened for me.  This new path led to a rich discovery  as I created faith-based writing workshops and formed a writing group.  I found that many others also treasure an environment which fosters time for prayer, fellowship, journaling and creative writing.  

In addition to the faith-based writing group that I facilitate, I am a long-standing member of  writing groups which are not faith-based.    Through all of the groups, I am enriched by new friends and by learning the craft of writing.

Author of Moments of Grace:  A Collection of Poetry Inspired by Faith.

My poem,  'San Juan Capistrano' was enacted in Blessing of Our Beginnings Celebrating 10,000 Years, a choral production developed by Dr. Carmen Tafolla, San Antonio's first Poet Laureate.

My work has been published in various venues, including Story Circle Journal and Story Circle True Words.

My writing roots

Entranced by the stories and myths told to me during my childhood, I yearned to hear about the people who shaped my history and spirituality.   I'd take notes while my mother shared her own childhood memories of the people and struggles in her life. 

Our family history was too valuable to forget, so I wanted to write it down.

My style

The Thanksgiving Holiday passed us once again.

Time with family, tables laden with food.

So, what do we do with those 'leftovers'?

How can we dress up the turkey to reappear on our plates?

Last night, my neighbor brought a plate with a huge slice of 'turkey pot pie'!

Every taste was delicious, each pie crust morsel made from scratch was yummy!

Yes, the holiday with family and friends

created new memories!

What shall we do with those memories?


Each memory is a story.

Give Thanks!

The sun rises slowly

Awakening my spirit

in gentle waves

of amber notes

Written on my soul. 

Arise!  Give Praise!

A poet resides in my heart!  I see the world around me imbued with vivid greens and fragrant with plants and flowers from my mother's garden.  

My soul proclaims the beauty with the diversity of language with which I was born.

Sometimes, my aspirations and insights take the form of prose.


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