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I Am San Antonio!

"Check Out Human Books!"

October 20, 2018

John Igo Library

The Human Library Book Project originated in Europe and this is the second year it is featured at the John Igo Library.


Check out their site for conferences and future webinars.

and The Great American Read:


A Place of Quiet, Prayer, & Spiritual Resources:

Say It With Thoughtful Words!

Indian Point Park

Writing can take us in creative and artistic directions.  Writing energizes our imagination and creativity. Spirituality in San Antonio

  My Journal

July 16, 2018

Beyond the thin veil of 'Sahara' dust  permeating air and water before us,  I felt the sandy footprints of  travelers and fishermen.  I heard the surprised delight of children gathering sea shells and calling to the gulls.

Inspiration for Writing

The Sea of Galilee.

Travel and photography go hand-in-hand, inspiring expressions from the soul.

Galilean Grace

"Galilee reveals His sanctifying grace

evoking faith on stormy seas."

from Moments of Grace:  A Collection of Poetry Inspired by Faith

- Mary Olivia Patiño, author