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Love Writing?

Where to start?  The best way is to just start!  Writing takes some effort, yes, and time; yet it is a very rewarding experience.

Consider any of the following:

-write alone in a relaxed setting of your choice.  

-prepare:  a journal or notebook paper; pen/pencil

-'prompt' yourself:  

-write within a nature setting

-select a favorite photo

-'muse' on an object or special memento 

Music inspires the memories and creativity to surface.

You might also consider:

-joining a writer's group

-a journal workshop

-a brief writing exercise during a retreat

Journal with Scripture & Questions for Reflection - Special Section in my book


Fall is in the air!  How refreshing, after months of summer heat and days of rain, to feel crisp mornings.  All around, the colors of nature are transforming!

How do you celebrate Fall?

What are your favorite 'Fall' activities?



Q:     What is the best way to start writing?  

R:      First, find a space that is comfortable for you.  Just grab a pen or pencil and start putting marks on the paper.  Words, phrases, or sentences...just write what surfaces from the depths of your spirit.  Do not let fear enter your thoughts, nor intimidate the flow of your words.  Worry not about creating 'the great American novel'.  It's the simple process of getting words onto paper that is paramount.    

Q:      Should I write alone?

R:      You can write alone or in a group.  Alone, you choose a time and place that is quiet and comfortable.  You decide when to start and when to stop.  You are the only person to see what you write.    



Q:      What is the benefit of joining a group?

R:       A writing group offers support, ideas, and feedback.  However, you do not have to share if you prefer not to do so.  Each group has its own guidelines.

Q:      What other benefits does joining a group bring to me?

R:       It's a great way to socialize and network, too!