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Love Writing?

Writing is a unique way to express the essence of you are, what you believe, what you like, where you have been, and what you remember.  But perhaps you are wondering how and where to start?

One important step is to start writing!  Whether you prefer lined or unlined paper, a journal, or a lose-leaf notebook, your thoughts need a place to flex themselves out.  Gradually, you may discern a particular theme weaving through your words.  

Journaling is a way to reflect on your experiences.  There is no set way to journal, other than to allow yourself the freedom to express yourself.  Best done in a quiet setting, this allows uninterrupted thought.  However, you hold the pen or pencil and pause at your pace.  Some writers prefer early morning, while others find anytime in the day helpful.  

You may want to join a group where ideas and prompts stir the imagination or ease the flow of memories. 

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...Starting a Writing Group?

...Offering a Morning of Reflection?

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Display their FAQs

Q:     What is the best way to start writing?

R:      First, find a space that is comfortable for you.  

Q:      Should I write alone?

R:      You can write alone or in a group.  Alone, you choose a place that is quiet and comfortable.  You    

          decide when to write and when to stop.   

          You are the only person to see what you write.

Q:      What is the benefit of joining a group?

R:       A writing group offers support, ideas, and feedback.   However, you do not have to share if you   

           prefer not to do so.  Each group has its own guidelines. 

Q:      What other benefits does joining a group bring to me?

R:       It's a great way to socialize and network, too!