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Love Writing?

Where to start?  The best way is to just start!  Writing takes some effort, yes, and time; yet it is a very rewarding experience.

Consider any of the following:

-write alone in a relaxed setting of your choice.  

-prepare:  a journal or notebook paper; pen/pencil

-'prompt' yourself:  

        -write within a nature setting

        -select a favorite photo

        -'muse' on an object or special memento 

Music inspires the memories and creativity to surface.

You might also consider:

        -joining a writer's group

        -a journal workshop

        -a brief writing exercise during a retreat


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Display their FAQs

Q:     What is the best way to start writing?

R:      First, find a space that is comfortable for you.  

Q:      Should I write alone?

R:      You can write alone or in a group.  Alone, you choose a place that is quiet and comfortable.  You    

          decide when to write and when to stop.   

          You are the only person to see what you write.

Q:      What is the benefit of joining a group?

R:       A writing group offers support, ideas, and feedback.   However, you do not have to share if you   

           prefer not to do so.  Each group has its own guidelines. 

Q:      What other benefits does joining a group bring to me?

R:       It's a great way to socialize and network, too!